Surviving the Rainy Winter in Seattle

There is a city on the West Coast of the U.S.A that I long to visit (especially because of its rocking coffee culture) and it is none other than Seattle!

Dan Patterson from CityPASS is here to inform us about the events that will take place in the next month and also gives us some recommendations, enjoy 🙂

Seattle skyline, Seattle, NW, West Coast, Emerald City, travel, photography, Discover USA

Seattle skyline             Credit: Julie Gentry

The winter months are best braved with warm drinks, cozy fire-place hangouts and good company. Whether you enjoy the season of winter or not, you can only enjoy so many couch-bound days without becoming a bit stir crazy.

For the folks of Seattle, snow is welcomed with open arms for the mere reason that rain gear is usually the costume of choice for many city-dwellers. When you’re nested comfortably with friends and family, but looking for something fun to do in the city of Seattle, CityPASS has you covered. Break out the umbrella, fashionable rain boots and Winter-stricken sense of humor…because adventure awaits!

Here are our suggestions on Surviving The Rainy Weather in Seattle

Nicknamed Emerald City, Seattle is a great american city in the Pacific Northwest that has so much to offer. Do not let rain discourage you from going out and explore the town. Come see some recommendations!


Northwest Flower & Garden Show 

Northwest Flower & Garden Show , Seattle, NW, Discover USA, Gardening

Beautiful landscaped garden         Credit:

Hidden from the gloomy clouds and cold winter rain of Seattle is the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, safely tucked inside the cozy Washington state Convention Center.

Even if you don’t happen to be a gardening enthusiast the show is the perfect rainy day activity for friends and family. The show spans from February 5th-9th and features inspiring gardening ideas such as outdoor living, edible gardening, sustainability and more.

As soon as you find something that sparks your interest, you can head right over to the marketplace, which features over 300 exhibitors offering a wide variety of plants, tools and accessories. The show also offers a resource center for visitors, so you can bounce your potential ideas off of fellow enthusiasts and share in the excitement and anticipation of the spring sun showing its face.



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Belgian beers           Credit: Tim Bartel

Start off the month of love with a beverage that a majority of the world has taken a sincere liking to: Beer. With beer-on-the-brain, February 1st is a day many Seattle locals anticipate. On this day the Bell Harbor International Convention Center turns into beer heaven.

Belgianfest features two different sessions filled with a variety of tasty beers and events: the first from 12:00-4:00 pm and the second from 5:30-9:30 pm.

This well-loved Seattle event highlights the enthralling beer culture of Belgium by showcasing more than 80 Belgian-style beers crafted by various breweries all over the state of Washington.

If you enjoy tasting new beer styles and surrounding yourself with similarly interested ale aficionados, Belgianfest is the event for you. Clear your schedule and save your appetite because the suds and food on tap will be sure to fill you right up.

Coffee Walk-Around Seattle

coffee mug, coffee cup, Seattle, Emerald City, NW, café, sign, neon sign

Coffee is king                     Credit:

It comes as no surprise that Seattle is THE coffee capital of America. On the rainiest of days, nothing quite compares to a warm cup of joe sipped on preferably in a comfy lounge chair aside a stereo playing nothing but mellow tunes.

coffee, café, cup of coffee, taza de café, drink, bebida, cup of joe

Warm & fresh cup of coffee       Credit: Petr Kratochvil


If this situation sounds ideal to you, you have found yourself in a city that offers a unique coffee drinking atmosphere. Ring a friend, make a date and check out some of the highly recommended Seattle cafés below:

Victrola Coffee Rosters

Located at 1309 NE 45th St., this hip roastery welcomes coffee and jazz lovers alike. Victrola features a variety of single origin beans including espresso, from unique local bean farms.  Ask your barista for a recommendation and you surely will not be disappointed

espresso, coffee, café, drink, bebida, double espresso, espresso doble

Double espresso     Credit: Mark Prince


Espresso Vivace

This seasoned coffee bar has three locations sprinkled around the Emerald City, all of which are highly esteemed amidst their fellow neighborhood coffee shops. Vivace was founded in 1988 and is most commonly known for their flavor filled espresso, unique coffee blends and latte art.  This urban roaster offers an enjoyable experience for coffee-drinking, offering quiet study spaces as well as couches and lounge chairs.

latte, Vivace Coffee, coffee, café, Seattle, NW, Emerald City, drink, bebida

Art in a cup          Credit: Ron Diggity


Seattle Coffee Works 

One of the city’s only active roasteries is located next to the Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle.

Get comfy and sip your coffee mere feet from where it’s roasted, making your cup about as fresh as it gets. If you’re interested in learning just how those beans turn into pure, brewed-magnificence, you can swing by the roaster to check out the process.

Seattle Coffee Works is dedicated to serving quality beverages, whether they are mixed blends, decaf, latte’s, this is surely one of Seattle’s finest places to enjoy a good cup of rocket fuel!

Seattle Coffee Works Credit: MarmadukePercy

Seattle Coffee Works     Credit: MarmadukePercy

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