Top 5 reasons why Cyprus rocks

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Located to the east of Greece and south of Turkey, Cyprus is in a fabulous location in the Mediterranean. Both the coastline and the interior of the island offer lots of activities to people of all ages, thus making it a great option for a memorable family holiday.

Here are 5 reasons why Cyprus rocks:


1-      Cyprus has the kind of setting that makes people think of paradise. Like all the islands in the region, there is a large number of beaches to choose from, with each more beautiful than the last.

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Photo credit: Endamal

The calm turquoise waters gently lap against the shore and offer excellent, and safe, swimming conditions. Kids can play safely in the waters surrounding the island while adults can indulge in a variety of water sports.


2-      Delicious Food

For those family meals out the cuisine here is something to behold. With influences from nearby Greece and the Middle East, the combination of flavors here is quite unique.

Among the local specialties we find delicious Metzes which are small platters to be shared.

 Cyprus, food, Metzes, Mediterranean, travel, photography

Photo credit: Unai Guerra

There are also wonderful restaurants to choose from throughout the island, with menus sporting food from all over the world.

Kid-friendly restaurants are the norm and most will feature specialized menus for the young ones and have access to high chairs, if needed.


3-      Family-Based Fun

There are two main areas to choose from on the island; the Larnaca region and the Paphos region. Both are family orientated and have lots to offer and guarantee you an excellent family break.

The Paphos region is beautifully situated on the incredibly blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea and runs from Polis, on the island’s northwest tip all the way to the Port City of Limassol.

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Photo credit: PDP

Many of the island’s most prolific tourist attractions are situated along this coast and it makes for an incredible journey that the entire family can enjoy.

Aphrodite’s Rock

Cyprus, Aphrodite Rock, attraction in Cyprus, rock, travel, Mediterranean, Photography

Photo credit: Vladimer

Kykkos Monastery 

Cyprus, Kykkos Monastery, Entrance, religious building, travel, photography

Photo credit: Oceco


the Ancient Tombs of the Kings

Cyprus, tombs of the kings, historic places, tombs, travel, photography

Photo credit: Mgiganteus1


4-      White Sandy Beaches

Once you reach Limassol, you’ll be treated to a long stretch of white sand which hugs the edge of the peaceful little town.

The area has a lot to offer the kids and it’s a good place to base yourself with child friendly holidays at Le Meridien Limassol and a kid-friendly water park in the area too.


5-      Activities for the Adventurous

Cyprus, Moutains, mountain view, travel, photography, hiking

View from the mountains Photo credit: Peter Kratochvil


Where to Party

The Larnaca region is known most famously for the party town of Ayia Napa.

Cyprus, Ayia Napa, beach, seaside town, Mediterranean, travel, photography

Photo credit: Peter Häger

This is the party center of the island and is packed full of bars, clubs and restaurants to facilitate those looking for that legendary party!

However, it’s not all neon lights and late nights; there’s another side to the area that often gets overlooked. Away from the main strip there’s a theme park, a quaint yacht-filled harbor and another white sandy beach which makes for a great spot for all the family.

The waters here are shallow enough for the kids to enjoy safe bathing. If you want to get even further from the nightlife, there is Nissi Beach which is just two kilometers away that is much more relaxed!

Cyprus, Nissi Beach, Nissi Bay, beach, water, travel, photography

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Cyprus is definitely a great option for those looking for either a relaxing holiday or an adrenaline fueled trip in a sunny island, rich in history and welcoming. You will leave with unforgettable memories!


Now tell us,

Have you been to Cyprus?

If so, what other places would you recommend?

If you haven’t, would you like to go?

Let us know!


We look forward to reading from you!

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