Blogger Spotlight On: Hanne Hellvik from Places People Stories

Welcome to the March edition of Blogger Spotlight On!

We are so happy and relieved that it is finally spring right? 🙂

To kick off the season, I would like to introduce you to world traveler Hanne Hellvik from Norway.

Hanne-Hellvik-of-placespeoplestories, travel, travelblogger, world traveler, Norway

She writes at Places People Stories which is a blog where she shares insights of her travels and more.

Let’s get to know her better!


Please tell us more about you

I am a twenty something travel junkie that has visited over 50 countries. Usually, I travel sustainable and slow. This means staying a longer time at each place, and working in Development projects. I have been working with HIV/AIDS and Conflict resolution in Nigeria, water management in India, Homeless in New York and 1.5 years as the director of a foundation working with street kids in Bolivia. Travel while doing charity-work is my passion!

Hanne Hellvik, Internship, Nigeria,

During my internship in Nigeria

When did you first start traveling and where did you go?

I started travelling very young. My parents took my sister and me on many trips as kids. We often went on car trips around Norway

Hanne Hellvik, travel, travel blogger, Søgne, Norway, photography

Søgne, Norway

Denmark, Germany and Sweden. So my first trips were around Europe. Then the older I got the longer and longer away from home I went.

What was your first destination where you went all by yourself?

That was New York. I was 20 years old and moved there for a couple of months. This because I knew I was going to travel a lot alone in developing countries. I wanted to start in a place that was similar to home and where they spoke English. I think that New York was a soft and good start for me.

Do you prefer traveling alone or accompanied?

For a long time I preferred traveling alone. This because it was easier to get to know and get in contact with new and local people.

Hanne Hellvik, travel, travel blogger, photography, cholitas, Bolivia, locals

With Cholitas in Bolivia

I could do what I wanted to do when I wanted, and it made me independent. But after getting married things changed. Now I prefer sharing all the memories I get on a trip with my husband. I tried to travel alone after I met my husband, and it was just not the same anymore.

Tell us about an important lesson you learned.

When I lived in Nigeria, I learned that I do not need material things to be happy. I lived without water and electricity. I lived in an armed conflict zone, but I was still happy. Do you know why? Because I got close friends there that cared about me, and people who considered me as family. And that is all you need for be happy.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received by a local?

To give and always be kind to others. If you do and are you will always get many blessings back.

Hanne Hellvik, travel, travel blogger, photography, Iguazu Falls, Brazil, waterfalls

Admiring Iguazu Falls

More than many locals have expressed this in words, they have shown this by acts.

What are the best meals or dishes you’ve eaten?

In every country I have visited I have eaten incredible food. I do not have a big favorite dish, but India, Bolivia and Italy are my favorite countries when it comes to food. Everything they serve is tasty and should be tried!

Which items are a must when you travel?

I always bring with me some tissue and antibacterial gel. These because when you are on travels you never know where they do not have toilet paper and soap on the toilet.

I always also bring my lap-top, so I can write for my blog.

Do you have a favorite quote?

Yes and it is the following: “I haven’t been everywhere but it is on my list”.

This quote defines me and the urge I have to go everywhere I have not been to yet!

Tell us about your blog and what can we find there?

My blog is in many ways a different travel blog. I never write guides about a place, but write posts about the not so obvious when it comes to travel. This can be topics that can be discussed, research results or stories I have experienced on my travels. My goal is that people will learn something useful when reading my blog.

How can we follow you online?

You will find me at:




Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us Hanne. We sure enjoyed learning more about you 🙂

We wish you many happy travels!

Until next time.

Tashi delek, all the best



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