A visual feast: 10 mouthwatering dishes from around the world

Food is essential to life.

Therefore make it good. 

Food is essential to life. Therefore make it good.

Food, glorious food. It is one of life’s greatest pleasures which requires the participation of all your senses!

I must confess (well it’s not really a surprise) that I love to eat and quite a bit! Since I am Latin American, I have been exposed to many different types of food from an early age thus developing an adventurous palate in the process.

Learning about other cultures through food is one of the things I love when travelling. Not only it is a sensorial experience, it is also what brings people together.

Since I’ve been fortunate to travel to a few countries, I thought of sharing with you the following 10 of the most delicious and mouth-watering dishes from around the world.

Do you have an adventurous palate? Tantalize your taste buds with these 10 mouth-watering dishes from around the world! Enjoy :)

My apologies in advance if it makes you hungry or drool!

1-  Pupusas – El Salvador

Pupusas, El Salvador, traditional food, Travellersoul76, comida tipica, travel, photography, food photos, foodie

This is THE most typical dish from my home country! Thick corn tortillas flattened by hand are filled with cheese or pork or beef, black or red beans and grilled.

Once the crust is brown, crunchy and sizzles, it is ready to be served with salsa y curtido (tomato sauce and coleslaw). Trust me, it will leave you wanting for more!

2-  Burrito – Mexico

Burrito, Mexico, typical food, comida tipica, foodie, foodporn, food photos, photography, travel, Travellersoul76

Who has not tried this Mexican delicacy? It is one of many flavorful, rich and unforgettable dishes from the Aztec country.

A flat corn tortilla filled with refried beans, chicken or beef or grilled vegetables, topped with melted cheese, diced tomatoes, cilantro on green tomato sauce. Hungry yet?

3-  Poutine – Quebec

Poutine, Quebec, fries with gravy and cheese curds, typical food, greasy spoon, foodie, food porn, food photos, photography, travel, Travellersoul76

Poutine is special dish which originates from a small town in southern Quebec. It is said that the owner of a small roadside restaurant came up one day with an original recipe. He added cheese curds and gravy to French fries and as they say, the rest is now history.

For us it is comfort food and also a cure for hangover. Normally party goers go to for a quick snack (or refuel) in the wee hours of the morning after bars or clubs close and before heading home! It is satisfying and gives you a much-needed boost.

4-  Pizza Margherita – Italy

Pizza, Pizza Margherita, Italy, Italia, Italie, food, foodie, food porn, food photography, Travellersoul76, travel

Mamma mia! Who can resist this classic and succulent Italian signature dish?

Hand kneaded dough, tossed in the air most likely, tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese, aromatic basil leaves and a slight hint of extra virgin oil on top? Yes? Yes please!

No matter where on earth you order it, it is a real feast for the eye and taste buds.

5-  Dol sot Bibimbap – South Korea

Veggie Bibimbap, Dol sot Bibimbap, Bibimbap, South Korea, traditional food, foodie, food porn, food photos, travel, photography, travellersoul76

Bimbimbap is not just an amazing Korean meal, it’s an awesome experience. Steamed rice is topped with fresh vegetables (like carrots, coleslaw, and zucchini), beef or tofu, a sunny side egg and served in a hot stone pot. To enjoy it, you need to mix all the ingredients while the pot is still sizzling so that it cooks thoroughly.

To kick it up another notch, hot pepper sauce can be added. It will either make you shed a tear or make your brow sweat!

The best thing about eating Korean food is that many side dishes come with the main meal, from Kimchi to pickled radish to fish. It’s a culinary adventure you won’t soon forget.

6-    Pho soup – Vietnam

Vietnam, Vietnamese Pho soup, Pho soup, typical food, foodie, food porn, food photos, travel, photography, travellersoul76

This delicious Vietnamese soup can revive anyone! It is so good for the heart, mind and soul.

Chicken or beef broth is brought to a boil, then rice or egg noodles, meat or chicken and fresh bean sprouts as well as mint leaves are added.

For an extra kick, some Sri Racha or peanut sauce will enhance the already delicious bowl!

Spring rolls and small chilies are the perfect side dishes! Once you try Pho soup you will be hooked.

7-    Gallo Pinto – Costa Rica

Gallo Pinto, Costa Rica, typical food, comida tipica, Tiquicia, breakfast, desayuno, foodie, food porn, food photos, travel, photography, travellersoul76

If you are ever in Costa Rica and wish to start the day on the right foot, you need to refuel and try Gallo Pinto. That’s just what the locals have for breakfast!

Talk about a power meal! It consists of rice mixed with black or red beans, fried plantains, scrambled eggs, sausages, queso fresco (cheese) a small tortilla. Of course, being in the rich coast, the choice of drink is nothing but a fresh cup of mountain grown coffee to wash it down.

It definitely is breakfast of champions and lasts the entire morning.

8-  Souvlaki Platter – Greece

Greece, Greek food, Souvlaki, Souvlaki platter, food, foodie, food porn, food photos, travel, travellersoul76, photography

One of the most delicious Greek dishes is the Souvlaki platter.

Grilled marinated chicken on a skewer is served on a bed of rice, and is accompanied by a Greek salad of course as well home-made pita bread. Fries are extra and rounds things up nicely.

9-    Sushi – Japan

Japan, sushi, veggie sushi, food, foodie, food porn, food photos, travel, photography, travellersoul76, food shots

One of the most recognized Japanese specialties around the world is Sushi. It is so versatile, fresh & healthy and simply delicious.

I personally love the veggie version however you can choose different types of fish along with the accompanying wasabi and pickled ginger that gives you a little kick!

10-    Butter chicken – India

India, Indian food, Butter chicken, typical food, foodie, food porn, food photos, travel, travellersoul76, photography

This succulent, rich, colorful and quite tasteful Indian dish is a feast for your taste buds.

Chicken is simmered in a curry sauce along with green peas, tomatoes and served with baked to perfection Naan. Side dishes include hot pepper and pickled radish. The portion will leave you wanting for seconds!  It’s a classic that everyone loves and so will you.


I couldn’t help myself, so I decided to add more of my favorite foods to the list!

Spaghetti alla carbonara

Spaghetti alla carbonara, pasta, Italy, Italia, typical food, foodie, food porn, food photos, travel, travellersoul76, photography

Shish Taouk

Lebanon, Shish Taouk, Shish Taouk platter, typical food, foodie, food porn, food photos, travel, travellersoul76, photography

Caesar salad

Caesar Salad, Salade César, ensalada Cesar, typical food, foodie, food porn, food photos, travel, travellersoul76, photography

Lemon tofu with noodles

Thailand, Lemon tofu, Lemon tofu with noodles, typical food, foodie, food porn, food photos, travel, travellersoul76, photography

There you have 10 of the most delicious and mouth-watering dishes from around the world. I have ever eaten. Did you like any of these?

Just writing about it made me hungry and editing the photos make my mouth water! I could definitely go for any of them right now!

Now over to you.

Tell me (better yet, show me),


What are the most delicious typical dishes you’ve tried and where?

Is there one you can never get tired of?


Please include links and photos of course. Go ahead and make us drool!

Until next time

Tashi Delek, All the best.



19 thoughts on “A visual feast: 10 mouthwatering dishes from around the world

  1. This made me so hungry! lol It all looks so good. I can’t wait to travel the world and eat exotic food. Ahh one day I hope *fingers crossed*

    • Thank you!

      Yes I am happy to have included veggie dishes as I was vegetarian for almost 5 years!

      It is so versatile & goes with just about everything! It is a much healthier option too right? 😉

  2. Oh my God! This has made me so hungry!!! When l lived in L.A, my Salvadoranian friend’s mom would make Pupusas! I love, love, love it..She would also make the plantain with the sour cream side. I spent most holidays with them and their Mexican in-laws, so lots of great food. I so loved the carne asada too. Growing up, my childhood nickname was “dodo” , means plantain in English. It is my favorite all time food. Most of these look so good, will skip the tofu though..lol. One day, l hope to try sushi in Japan. Pretty much the only reason l want to go there..lol

    • Glad you liked this visual buffet 😉

      I freaking love pupusas & so glad my mom makes them still. I’ve yet to learn…someday..soon!

      Wow, you do eat well. Friend plantains with frijoles y crema is powerful & comforting food 😉

      Believe it or not Tofu is awesome, it needs to be very well seasoned and cook and is much better than meat or carne asada as you say.

      Sushi in Japan is almost a dream. Sadly I am allergic to seafood or shrimp, hence no fish on my sushi 😦

      You’ll love Kobe steaks and all the noodle soups. Eating in Asia is an art & unforgettable experience 😉

  3. Thanks Karla – starving now! 😉 I’d have to add Penang curry – mostly found in southern Thailand but also in northern Malaysia where Penang actually is. It’s similar to other Thai curries but the sauce is made with coconut and peanuts. It’s a party in your mouth. Nom nom nom. 😀 x

    • You’re welcome.

      That Penang Curry you mention sounds delicious! You lived in Thailand for a bit, so you are so many flavorful, fragrant and tasty meals there right?

      I love that line, party in your mouth ha ha genius!

      Hope you are well & TTYS

      BTW what is the local specialty where you live? 🙂

      • Food is completely amazing in Thailand and Malaysia – honestly best in the world in my humble opinion. But then I am a bit biased! 😉

        Hmm, Hampshire is famous for growing strawberries and watercress (watercress soup) and rainbow river trout. Probably it’s a chip-shop pea fritter though! It’s basically a ball of mashed up marrowfat peas the size of a cricket ball covered in batter and then deep fried. You have it in paper with ketchup – it’s waaaay better than it sounds! x

  4. Ha ha sorry it made you hungry. Almost drooled while I wrote it 😉

    I know you taught me to love veggie & vegan dishes amiga, thank you 😉

    Now we have to meet again & eat & drink woot 😉

    • Glad you like them Nita.

      Pizza is everything. I can’t resist Margherita, it’s my fav.

      It was fun digging through my photo archives, didn’t know I had quite a few good foodie pics 😉

      What’s your fav meal?

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    • It was all delicious trust me 🙂

      Ah Indian food is delicious. I ate that meal pretty slowly and want to know the best part? It was at a restaurant in Seoul 😉

      Hope you try it soon!

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