November 2015 Update

“November: the last month of autumn but the beginning of a new adventure; time to take risks and do the unexpected”


First and foremost I would like to thank one of my favorite bloggers, the beautiful Andi from My Beautiful Adventures who inspired me to write this post after reading her update on what is happening in her world.

Actually it never occurred to me to do a monthly update until I saw this and it is a great idea. It helps you look back at everything you’ve done so far and will do!

Let’s get started shall we?


Actually I just came back from the movie theater and saw the 24th Bond Movie, Spectre which was something that I had been patiently waiting for…3 long years to be precise.

007, movie, Spectre, James Bond, Rome, Italy, luxury car

I may or may not have told you this but I am a Bond fan and have been since I was a child. I have seen the entire collection and was so anxiously awaiting the new installment.

Truth be told (and sorry to be honest and spoil the fun) but the movie falls short of its predecessor, Skyfall which was by far (along with Casino Royale) some of the best movies starring Daniel Craig in the role of 007.

For the traveler in me, I absolutely loved and was speechless of the scenes filmed in many locations around the world, namely Mexico City (opening scenes), Rome (my heart pounded even faster), the snowy Austrian alps, the arid desert in Morocco and of course, London.

I will not go into any details but let me just say that there was too much hype and anticipation created and we left feeling let down and disappointed.

If you go watch it let me know that you think!


As a certified book lover, I read every chance I get and don’t mind reading some of my favorites like The Alchemist by the one and only Paulo Coehlo.

At the moment I am rereading Nourished by Becky Johnson and Rachel Randolph

Nourished, book, spirituality, women's issues, religion, Zondervan, review, book review

Which is an excellent and hilarious book that will make you laugh and cry of laughter. The real life stories and examples from this dynamic mother-daughter team is totally worth reading. It helps you make sense of everything happening in your life.


Honestly, the daylight savings time has affected me harder than ever. I love the sunshine and I am not exactly a fan of grey and rainy days.

I find it difficult to concentrate and be cheery when it gets dark at like 4-5 p.m. Does anyone else feel the same?

Life is a rollercoaster and just in the past week I’ve had to deal with many mixed emotions (including having to learn that my parents were in an accident on the highway and that the jerk who hit the vehicle took off, he ran away without even providing any help). You can’t truly appreciate life and the people who are in it until something like this happens.I didn’t talk about it openly but now I am. Feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

If I am going through a Patience and Optimism test or exam, well it is not easy let me tell you! However I can say that I have been, am and will always be a good student.


I am planning my next move abroad in order to advance professionally and personally.

Better opportunities are found away from my actual location and doors just fly open. They have in the past and sure will in the near future. Stay tuned for that!

I truly wish it was here but it did not happen or think it will. I have a gypsy soul and the road calls!


How everything you need is provided for at precisely the right time. One skill I have developed and used for a lot in the past few years is to just believe and surrender.

What you truly need will always come through or be provided. I am a believer, witness and beneficiary and for that I couldn’t be more grateful.

I also have to say thank you to all those who have been there and lend me a helping hand. I can only hope to return the favor and do whatever is in my power to help them in their life path!

My Favorite Photo

Just a few days ago I went to the park for a walk out in nature, love how the tree leaves have changed colors, how they flutter in the wind and fall at your feet. It reminds you that a cycle of life is ending and another one is about to begin. Things kind of have to be shaken in order to fall into place.

fall, fall 2015, Lafontaine Park, Montreal, Quebec, park, fall foliage, colors, TS76

As soon as I found myself in front of this, I was taken aback by all the beauty before me!

When they say it is postcard perfect, or a moment in time you need to capture or immortalize, then this is one of them.

I took the photo, stood in silence then looked up and said “Lord, thank you for letting me experience and see this”.  It is the simple moments that are unforgettable.

So there’s my current update of Sunday November 8th 2015.

What about you?

What are you up to?

Do share with us!


Until next time!

Tashi Delek, all the best.



4 thoughts on “November 2015 Update

  1. Thanks for the awesome shout out babe! We are HUGE Bond fans and went to see it last night on our date night. I feel 100% the exact same way as you. Also, there were a couple of gross scenes that I wish they would have toned down a bit.

    • You’re so welcome! Thank you for the inspiration 😉

      Happy to read that you and Lucas are also Bond Fans! It is something we grew up with and we can only hope it gets better with time.

      There was no essence or anything holding everything together, it’s like we waited for the last hour for it to truly capture our soul or put us on the edge of our seat but nada…It ends up feeling sort of empty or that’s it? reaction.

      Glad things are looking up for you and Lucas.

      I LOVE looking at Joaquin’s photos. He is adorable! Must be a lot of work but with a smile like his, it must motivate you 🙂

      TYVM for stopping by and for the inspiration!

  2. Oh no such a shame – I was also dead excited about the best Bond film especially after how awesome Skyfall was. Undecided as to whether to skip it now 😦

    • Well go and find out for yourself. The movie has fab locations which make me gasp or my heart skips a beat (especially the scenes filmed in Rome).

      You will see a different and softer side of Bond..for once 🙂

      Let me know if you end up going to the movies!

      K xo

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