Where to eat during your Florida holidays

 Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like.

-Mark Twain

Ah, the Sunshine State!

Go on a trip of a lifetime and explore Florida from east to west and north to south. It will be unforgettable no doubt.

Florida is a dream holiday destination for many travelers in need of sand, surf and natural vitamins sea and D.

Life is always better at the beach. Fort Lauderdale, Florida seen from the air.

The state promises thrilling roller coasters, gorgeous weather and good eats at every turn.

Florida is the perfect spot for foodies to try out something new and tuck into some all-American classics. From Cuban sandwiches to stone crab, Florida influences food trends all over the world, so be sure to try it here first!

Besides the sun, sand and sea, the food in Florida is another of its main attractions. Here are some suggestions on what to eat during your holidays in the Sunshine State!


What are some of the most famous and loved culinary creations?

Let’s get started!

Eat dessert first! Enjoy a classic at Key Lime Bistro

A Florida holiday wouldn’t be complete without indulging in a huge slice of creamy key lime pie. If you’ve spent a lot of time researching your break, then you’ll already know that there’s a lot of hot competition for the title of best key lime pie in Florida.

If there is one desssert you must try in Florida, it is definitely a rich, decadent and melt in your mouth Key Lime Pie.

My top pick is the appropriately named Key Lime Bistro. This bed and breakfast offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and a fully equipped bar with a dizzying range of cocktails. The star of the show is the homemade, two layered key lime pie.

The first layer is baked to perfection before being chilled and topped with the second layer of key lime custard, cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk. Finally, the indulgent dessert is topped with whipped cream for just the right amount of sweetness.


Show your claws and eat at the original home of the stone crab

Miami Beach is an essential place to visit in Florida, and its home to the first ever restaurant to serve stone crab.

Love seafood? Then you must order Florida stone crab which is finger-licking good.

Photo credit: Veronica ML

Joe’s Stone Crab was first set up as a small sandwich counter in 1913 and after Joe’s discovery of the delicious potential of stone crabs in 1921, the business took off. Stone crab claws are served chilled and cracked with hash brown potatoes, coleslaw and mayonnaise. Try this famous dish at Joe’s and you’ll soon see why it’s so popular.

Delicioso! Sink your teeth in the best Cuban sandwich in Florida

Florida’s proximity to Cuba means that the state has some of the best Cuban food in America. Roast pork, sweet ham, swiss cheese with pickles and mustard on Cuban bread are the key ingredients of a Cuban sandwich.

If you are hungry while visiting in Florida, you must order and sink your teeth in a Cuban sandwich which is not only food for the body but for the soul!

For the best of the bunch, visit Tampa’s favorite food truck Michelle Faedo’s On the Go. Known for their Cuban sandwich and gourmet deviled crabs, the husband and wife team create restaurant quality food for visitors to enjoy on the go. The truck is an ideal pit stop for foodies to grab a quick and delicious bite to eat.

Bite in! Try alligator at Dixie Bar & Grill

Florida residents are known for being a little outlandish, and eating alligator is just the start! Visit Dixie Bar & Grill to try something new and enjoy some of the best grilled gator you’ll find in Florida.

Have an adventurous palate? How about trying gator bites? They are quite chewy and tasty!

The unusual meat is cut into small pieces, deep-fried and then served alongside a creamy dipping sauce. For only $11, it’s worth trying just for bragging rights.

Let’s taco ‘bout it, indulge in fantastic fish tacos

Florida is filled with spectacular seafood restaurants, and fish tacos are a favorite in the area. Tacocraft Taqueria & Tequila Bar are well-known for their $3 taco Tuesdays deal but it’s their incredible Baja fish tacos that keep customers coming back.

Let's taco 'bout it. When in Florida, eat some fresh fish and served up in tacos with the works? Even better! Yum.

Mahi fish is fried in a Funky Buddha beer batter, topped with chipotle cream, sliced avocado, pico de gallo, cilantro, Mexican-style coleslaw and wrapped in a homemade tortilla. Fish taco bliss.

Whether you want to try something new or indulge in American classics, Florida is a haven for food lovers.

How can you not fall in love in surroundings or witness something like this?

Fire in the sky. Admire the gorgeous sunsets at the end of the day in Florida.

Prepare for your trip by reading my top travel tips and finding some foodie inspiration by cooking up some classic American meals in the comfort of your own home.

Now i’m turning it over to you.

Tell us…

What is the favorite food you’ve tried for the first time during your travels?

Did you like it or wish you didn’t have it?

When you think of comfort food, what comes to mind?



Share it with us or better yet, show us. Go ahead and make us drool!

Until next time, hasta la próxima.

Happy travels, felices viajes!

K 🙂


5 thoughts on “Where to eat during your Florida holidays

  1. Delicious post! Oh how I loved keylime pie when I was in the Keys! Happy to realize I ate pretty much all the dishes you detail here, so I didn’t miss out too much! 😉
    One can recognize a food lover from afar, can’t we?!

    Discovering Mexican food is an everlasting task and so finger-licking good that I never stop wondering at their delicate flavors…
    A glimpse:

    Enjoy your meals!

    • Thank you Juls! That key lime pie was decadent. It is a mixture of both sour and sweet but it is so good at the end of any meal! Had my first slice (which is huge, so I shared it) in Placida, Florida. I also tried those gator bites, kind of tastes like chicken! Fortunately I have an adventurous palate.

      Yes, Mexican food is yumalicious too and I never say no to it. How can you not love it? Let me go check your post about the food and drool 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Delicious post, love the food pics, now I’m hungry haha. I’d go for a Cuban sandwich, while my wife would dive into anything crabs for sure. Speaking of crabs and Florida, I’d say blue crabs which my in-law’s, who live there, introduced me to a while back. Not a fan, but cool trying something new.

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