August 2017 Update

Taking time to live will only inspire your work

Taking time to live will only inspire your work. So true don't you agree?

Hello, Hola, salut!

Remember me? Yes, I’m back!

How have you all been? Did you miss me? Even if just a little bit 🙂

I hope that the beautiful season has been great on your side of the planet.

We’ve been having lots of bright, sunny, warm and spectacular days this summer, and we all have enjoyed every single one of them.

First things first. I am sure you must be wondering why I’ve been completely MIA (Missing In Action) for the past months and there are many good reasons for my absence.

One of them is work-related. Besides this blog that I’ve been fortunate to have had for the past 6 years, I had a project for a major event to complete which totally absorbed me and kept me on my toes. Even until the last-minute there were so many changes that almost drove me nuts (and facepalm moments).

Once my part was done, I still felt under pressure as I had to check and double-check that everything was correct and it did, except some errors that were not my responsibility.

Then I literally had to stop and smell the roses and drink more coffee but at a much relaxed pace 🙂 I took it easy and what did I do? UNPLUG. Yes, do you know what that is? Or you haven’t tried it yet?

I had to step away from it all and enjoy the beautiful weather as I mentioned earlier. I can’t complain as it has been a fab summer so far, except for those legendary stormy afternoons when I got drenched from head to toe but that was so much fun! (When was last time you danced in the rain?)

Time is simply flying by! How is it possible that we’re ending the month of August and counting down the days & weeks before the end of the season? Boo and boo hoo 😦

Oh and in the middle of it all? Adding another year of life to the record. It’s unbelievable but can I be honest with you? I am truly grateful and I still feel young at heart. Age is only a number and matters if only you’re a bottle of wine right? 🙂

I have been on a wild, spectacular and unique roller coaster ride and haven’t had the time to get bored, not even for a minute.

There are also quite a lot of events I have been a witness of and had absolutely no control over, kind of surprised of how calmed I have stayed in the storm but it’s valuable experience.

Ok, since this is an overdue update (it’s been way too long since last one right?), let me share with you some juicy details about what’s happening here okay?

Here is the August 2017 Update

Find out what's currently happening in the August 2017 Update

Are you ready? Good then vamonos, let’s go!

Currently working on

Well, now that the Eclipse 2017 is behind us, I feel a surge of energy and enthusiasm as well as positivism! I’m more motivated to do more (the proof is this post ;)!

As I mentioned in my last update, I started a second blog which is a continuation and upgrade from this one and since it is self-hosted, it gives me more freedom and flexibility.

From now on I will focus more energy on it as well as this one to create great content, better images, share, help and inspire all those who read it, whether it is 1 or 100 000.

I realize that it is a full-time occupation and is much more difficult than it seems. It takes a lot of research, editing, and a great challenge, however I am now ready and up to it!

BTW I would love it if you stop by and say hi at

Thank you in advance if you do  😉


Since I emptied my plate and had more time to rest and relax, I have finally caught up with my Summer Reading List.

What's on my Summer Reading List? These books ;)

These are some of the actual and real books I have borrowed. I’ve already returned both by John C. Maxwell and Mark Sanborn which were pretty good!

Since I am a #book lover, I’ve also downloaded a few thanks to my account on Rakuten Overdrive.  Are any of you taking advantage of this gold mine?

I had the pleasure of finding true gems such as Un Amico Italiano by Luca Spaghetti. I don’t know if you know or heard about him but he is one of Liz Gilbert‘s best Italian friends in her bestseller book Eat, Pray, Love.

Luca is such a fun and talented storyteller and takes you all around Rome and across the Atlantic, stateside for many adventures. It made me cry, cry of laughter and hungry. You definitely have to read it!

Right this very moment, I am in the middle of reading How to Be a Bawse by Youtube superstar and fellow Canadian Lilly Singh

Want to be inspired by one of Youtube superstars? Then read How to Be a Bawse book.

Have you seen her absolutely hilarious videos which are posted every Tuesday and Thursday? If you haven’t , go check them out.

If you need to laugh, get ready to tap your feet. You might even say: ”That’s right girl” ”Amen” or ”hallelujah”.

Learning about her humble beginnings in Toronto, her depression, the decision to pursue her passion, move to La la land and the path to super stardom is just amazing and admirable. Her kick ass attitude and inner bawse power have helped her to be where she is today, at the top!

I’m all for learning from the best and their stories inspire me to aim higher and go further!


Ok, so since my calendar is now clear (for now) I need to get away and ASAP. Sadly I no longer have my kmobile (vehicle, RIP 4 wheels), I have to rely on other mode of transportation: BMW, that is bus, metro (subway) and walk 😉 which is simply fine by me.

I’ve one of my favorite places in sight and also I’ll attend a seasonal event which sounds like so much fun!

So the road is definitely calling! I’ll provide images and write you from that destination, so stay tuned 😉

Favorite photos

As you very well know by now, I am a serial picture taker and there isn’t a day when I don’t take the time to capture the world around me.

As I’ve already said, this Summer has been splendid and as you will see in the following images, I manage to photograph the beauty, essence and joy felt at that time.

Marché Maisonneuve in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Building in Old Montreal

Ste-Catherine Street in Le Village, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Gorgeous sunflower in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Lake at Lafontaine Park in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Pretty lovely eh? 🙂

So there you have the August 2017 update! Now you know what I’m up to.

I hope it made up for all the time I spent away but I’m definitely back and you’ll be seeing and reading from me more in the next coming days, weeks and months.

Have I said a big THANK YOU, MERCI, GRACIAS for your continuous support? I certainly appreciate the time you took to visit and if there’s anything I can do for you in return, let me know!

Leave me a few lines in the comment section! If you prefer to write in private, there’s always email.

Enjoy the rest of the month and summer!

Until next time.

Tashi delek, all the best, todo lo mejor.

K 🙂



3 thoughts on “August 2017 Update

    • Merci, muchas gracis Jul!

      Glad you enjoyed it. Yes it has been quite fun and busy but happy I had time to unplug and enjoy la belle saison which sadly is coming to an end pretty soon 😦

      How about you? How are things down in Mexico? La vida en la playa es buenissima cierto? Let me know. Will now head over to your blog and catch up 🙂

      • Still enjoying the last few days in France… life back in Mexico will resume in a few days, on the beach always for a few more months… later on, the wind and our hearts might take us to some other splendid places…

        Good to know you too enjoyed it to the fullest. Keep it so!

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