April 2017 Update

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing, quote

Hello, Hola everyone!

How have you been? I know it’s been quite sometime since I last wrote and can you believe we’re already at the end of April? Wow, time sure is flying! I hope you are well and things are great wherever in the world you may be 🙂

First things first. I owe you an apology (and also have some explaining to do) for waiting so long since my last update and this one. How did I let it slip or simply skipped it? There have been so many other topics that I wrote about and the updates were put on the back burner.

Well, worry not. I am back and you’ll be seeing more from me and I am not going missing in action for that long.

Actually, have you ever done a digital detox? I actually did it last year and it worked out just fine. This time I just wanted to take some time away from blogging (planning, researching, writing, editing photos and proofreading it is very time-consuming) but I must be honest and say that it’s nearly impossible to get away from social media. In case you haven’t noticed, I LOVE Twitter (which is by far my favorite for many reasons) and also Instagram where I capture life one images at a time 🙂  I do however have a strict rule which I have reinforced in 2017 and that is to completely unplug and not use any electronics on the weekend. It is just sacred and dedicate my full attention to whoever is around me. But I do use the smart phone to take photos that’s something I need 🙂

Ok, back to the juicy content. Do I have things to share with you, so without further do, let’s jump right to it shall we?

Travellersoul76.com April 2017 Update

Currently Working On

Perhaps you know or not, besides writing, blogging and draining the phone battery (read what I just wrote above), I translate from English to French and English to Spanish many different types of documents, websites etc.

Recently I have been incredibly fortunate to have been chosen to be part of the organization of a national conference and help them with their written communications.

I also had the privilege to learn more about some features of a new aircraft and how those seats in the front cabin work. That was pure luck but also a blessing. Now I need to fly on one of them and experience it 🙂

I’ve also been working on my second English Travel Blog, have you seen it yet? 🙂

In all honesty, I didn’t remember how difficult it was to start from the bottom or do it all over again! It takes a lot of time, patience, hard-work, discipline and commitment and although the numbers of daily visitors may be low, one has to keep going no matter what.

It reminded me that the secret sauce to be successful is to really help others who are possibly going through the same situation as you and if one grows, everyone grows right?

We are constantly bombarded with so much information, may it be true facts or fiction a.k.a alternative facts or fake, on a daily basis that is it truly important to provide quality instead of quantity. Hence, that one of the main reasons why I don’t post so frequently as I used to in the past years.

Speaking of years, did you know that this blog you are currently reading is 6 years old? How is that even possible? I started it back when I arrived in Seoul, South Korea to live and work there.

What was supposed to be an online diary to keep my friends and family updated on my many (mis)adventures but little by little got attention from many people from different countries!

Not only it allowed me to grow, it has made me very grateful for the opportunities that I was presented with thanks to the blog.

Just recently I came across a really interesting quote and it goes like this:

”Don’t use Social Media to impress people; use it to impact people.”

Don't use Social Media to impress people; use it to impact people, quote

This is very true, don’t you agree?

We’ve to use the technological tools and social media platforms as well as connections to do good and also to educate, inform and entertain. The more people we can reach and impact, the better it is right?

Ok, now let’s move on


Since I get to spend long hours in front of the laptop (research, write, blog, edit etc) I do take the time to take a long and well-deserved break.

However there is a secret I want to share with you. I have been learning new foreign languages, namely Turkish, Hebrew and a bit of Arabic, so I’ve been an enthusiast language learner in the past months and my absolute favorite method is to watch soap operas and movies on YouTube!

There are literally TONS of great shows, documentaries, movies, music which I can watch every single day in order to fully immerse myself in the history and culture! Thank you lord for streaming videos.

I also have discovered how to watch national or local TV stations which broadcast their content live on the web and I’ve been hooked.

I’ve a weak spot in my heart for Turkish soap operas which offer a roller coaster of emotions.! To say that I am smitten, madly, insanely, ridiculously in love with Istanbul (even if I’ve never been there)

View of Istanbul, Turkey.

and other parts of Turkey is an understatement! I can close my eyes and am transported there in an instant!

Ever had that feeling of déjà vu or déjà vécu (already lived or experienced)? Well, there sure is no need to tell you which city is now part of my Travel Bucket List. It keeps growing and growing. The more, the better right?


So far in 2017, I have not read as many books as I did last year ( I broke an all time personal record, check the list here). In fact I’ve officially read only 5 books and recorded them for the 50 Book Challenge which is a great challenge that encourages you to set a specific goal for the entire year and as soon as you complete a book, you add the entry and put it on the virtual bookshelf.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been busy with other things, thus leaving very little time for one of my favorite past-times and passions which is reading.

What I am truly interested in these days is all about following a Plant Based Diet and honestly, I just completed a 10 day vegan challenge which is beyond what i thought or expected.

Imagine changing drastically and eating only healthy, fresh and delicious food! Did I like it? Yes. Would I continue for longer than 10 days? Possibly. Would I be a vegan for life? I’m not sure but vegetarian for sure!

Besides the many benefits of eating clean and helping your system to regenerate and recover, I sleep better, feel 10x better and best of all? I’ve more energy! I feel as if the fog has been lifted and see & think clearly 🙂

This story is to be continued, so stay tuned!


So, I finally found the time and made it to the Passport Office to renew my über important travel companion and finally got it! Yay! I can’t wait to use it ASAP.

Since it’s the Spring Time over here, I plan on visiting the Nation’s capital for a yearly festival and several road trips around my city.

As far as overseas travel, well there is a destination on the radar and when that is set or confirmed, you’ll know 🙂

Favorite photos

I take photos. Every. Single. Day. Not only it is a passion of mine and a really good habit, it is a second nature.

I find it is super important to capture life, one image at a time so that I can later look back and remember those special moments or that which caught my attention and deserved to be photographed 🙂

Recently, we got the chance to go about an hour north of my city and toured this charming small town by the river

Rivière des Mille Iles, Quebec, Canada

Rivière des Mille Iles, Quebec, Canada

Rivière des Mille Iles, Quebec, Canada

It was just such a beautiful, yet chilly sunny Spring Day that we loved walking along the river-walk and breathe in fresh air!

This is only a preview of the warmer days coming up ahead and we can’t wait!

Ok, so I’ve pretty much covered all bases, I hope I did and have now updated you on what’s happening on my side of the globe.

I will be more active in the coming weeks and months and hope to continue to provide informative, educating and entertainment content for you!

If you have any questions or if there’s anything that you’d like to ask or see on this site, let me know.

Until next time! Hasta la próxima!

Tashi Delek, All the best, todo lo mejor

K 🙂





2 thoughts on “April 2017 Update

  1. Bravo Karla for another great post and for coming back into the fold! Like you, I’ve also stopped updating my own blog but after reading this post, I’m feeling inspired.

    I have a nephew who lived in Turkey for years and learned the language. He’s French and now lives in Rennes (one of my favorite French cities). Whenever you’re ready, reach out to me and I’ll connect you to him. I know he’ll be glad to help.

    So you’re a polyglot? Impressive! You’re going to have to pass along that info on streaming websites. Would love to see some French programming.

    Anyway, welcome back!

    • Thank you!

      Well, there comes a time when you need to stop, unplug, experience and enjoy life outside and recharge batteries to come back re-energized don’t you think?

      The loyal followers and new ones will come, there’s really no point of stressing out and get sick in the process. La vida es una as they say, we only live once, so live it up!

      Ah, that’s great that your nephew lived in Turkey. Yes I know it’s been quite active and not exactly the most recommended or safe country but you have to go with the right attitude, take the necessary precautions and enjoy what it offers!

      Some Turkish people i’ve met here are some of the nicest, welcoming and hospitable people I can think of. Imagine what it’ll be like once I get there! I may or may not want to leave or come back home to Canada 🙂

      Here are some of the sites where you can watch live tv stations from around the world:


      and http://www.watchallchannels.com/ among others.

      I watch Youtube live streaming as well, which is so cool!

      Thanks for the welcome back, I hope to keep posting great content.

      All the best.

      P.S: Loved your pics of Barcelona, you’ve great eye for details. Well the city is truly eye candy for us photographers and travelers right? 🙂

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