Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

Flower Bouquet, flowers, colorful, bouquet, colors, saturated, beautiful

I was recently going through some of my archives of the year I spent teaching in South Korea (I took so many that I lost count) and found this one. It is very special because it reminds me of graduation day!

As incredible as it may seem, we spent an entire year teaching English to young children who had grown up and learned so much in that period! My students were in Kindergarten and they were getting ready to go to Elementary school.

On my last day, we had a ceremony and one family came up and handed me this beautiful and colorful bouquet. It was their special way of saying “thank you for teaching my child, for being patient, for taking care of them while we were away at work. Thank you for showing them love and good values”.

It certainly made me feel proud and also special! All the long days, work hours were well worth it in the end 😉

This image is not only saturated with color but with special memories that I will never forget!

So there you have my contribution to this week’s theme.

Do you have a photo that is saturated?

Share it with us 🙂

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