Travel through music

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They’re a dynamic and inseparable duo right?

Some songs that magically transport you to another land in seconds and others bring back great travel memories.

The following are travel songs that I absolutely love and never get tired of listening!

They instantly make me smile and feel so good 😉

Watching the videos IS traveling as they were filmed in beautiful locations around the globe.

Sit back & enjoy!

The land down under – Men at Work

Such a fun, upbeat song from Oz! Do you come from the land under?


Kokomo – The Beach Boys

The perfect song when you want to escape the modern world and just be somewhere on an island, preferably with a drink in hand – this is an original video from the 80’s so forgive the quality 😉


Africa – Toto

Images of Mt Kilimanjaro & Serengeti immediately to mind…gotta take some time to do the things we never had 😉


Empire State of Mind – Jay Z & Alicia Keys

This is an ode to one of the greatest cities in the world. Love the beat & lyrics. Let’s hear it for New York!


Thank you for loving me – Bon Jovi

What a beautiful video filmed in the eternal city: Rome, Italy! Love the story 😉


Te comencé a querer “I started to like you’’– Tito El Bambino

I had to include a song in Spanish by one of my favorite singers and it has a special meaning for me. The video was filmed in Zürich, Switzerland and it is absolutely gorgeous!


I hope you enjoyed this musical tour around the world!

Which one (s) do you like best?

Is there a song that captured your heart and soul during your travels?

Let me know.

L♥ve always,