Melodies and Travel Memories

Thank you so much to Aaron of Elatlboy for tagging me in his post that involves music and travel memories.

There are quite a few songs that remind me of the cities and countries I have visited through the years!  Just listening to them instantly brings me back to that special place.

My selection may surprise you as it ranges from a Latin ballad to Korean pop music to alternative to opera and what not ha ha


Fuiste tu – Ricardo Arjona and Gaby Moreno

I was in Central America in March this year. My family and I went on so many road trips and this song was IT. Heard it everywhere, in the car, in restaurants, on Tv. The scenery is simply spectacular!  What a beautiful discovery 🙂

Tonight – Big Bang

Living & working in South Korea last year was such a great experience. I couldn’t help but succumb to K-Pop! My students played this song on their mobile and started dancing in class. It was absolutely hilarious! The more I listened to it (without understanding a single word of what they sing) I became addicted to it! So that is my favorite Korean song. Isn’t it just catchy? I can’t wait to return to Seoul!

Breathe – The Prodigy

My friend Igor and I went on an epic road trip in Switzerland. We left Zürich, stopped in Lucerne and ended in Interlaken (to Jungfraujoch). Zooming through the Swiss roads and Alps was phenomenal! I shall never forget it as this was the song that we kept listening to 😉 Whenever I hear it I’m transported there immediately.

Bent – Matchbox 20 

This song means a lot to me because it was THE song that was playing all over the place and also when I first traveled to Europe! So it brings back great memories. I was so scared to put back together. Left heartbroken and came back stronger than ever 🙂

Nessun dorma – Luciano Pavarotti

I learned to appreciate opera the 2nd time I studied and lived in Italy. Luciano is simply the best opera singer…EVER.  This interpretation just gives me goose bumps! Images of rolling green hills in the Italian country side and a ride on the gondola in Venice come to mind 😉

Bonus song:

Around the world – The Red Hot Chili Peppers

I absolutely love Anthony, Flea and the rest of the band. The lyrics are awesome! I have a flash of all the places around the world I’ve been in 4 minutes! Life is beautiful around the world indeed.

I’m pretty sure you didn’t expect that from me did you? Ha ha if I could only see your facial expression 😉

Now it’s your turn! I want to know which songs you love and what memories are attached to them!

I would like to thank the beautiful @L_e_a_h for creating it. This exercise allowed me to go back down memory lane 🙂


20 thoughts on “Melodies and Travel Memories

  1. Great variety of song choices Karla! 🙂 I never heard “The Prodigy” before, sounds like a cool song to be on the road too. “Around the World” love it!

    • Im glad you like my great variety of music ha ha from one extreme to the other 😉

      Oh The Prodigy was incredible back then & still is today.

      The Red Hot Chili Peppers know how to ROCK. Doesn’t it make you want to jump & sing along with them? ha ha

      Thanks again for inviting me! 😉

  2. What awesome song choices!!! Thanks for the tag! I LOVE the 2nd to last song you picked, it’s one of my most faves. I’m a BIG opera fan.

    • Thank you bella! I too am an opera lover, took a little while to truly appreciate it (let alone understand it) but now I love it! Those cultural courses in Italy were well worth it 😉

      Love love love Puccini! Still don’t know which one I like best, Turandot, La Bohème or Madame Butterfly ha ha

      I also love German and French operas. I could go on and on…

      Thank you for taking the time to write & let me know which is (are) your fav operas.

      I look forward to read about your travel songs. Will know more about you 😉 xo

  3. I have to admit that I only know the last three songs, but are they good ones. “Bent” totally reminds me of moving to Houston. I played that CD as I was tearing up the road between Austin and Houston. I loved reading your memories.

    • Thank you so much Leah, I appreciate you taking the time to stop by. Yeah Bent is quite a song right? I imagine you on the highway and singing your heart out ha ha.

      Music is a very important part of our travels!

      Thank you for the inspiration. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Riki!

      I’m happy you liked those highlights 🙂

      Travel & music go together and the memories created are simply unforgettable.

      You must have some beautiful songs that you associate with a specific place right?

      I invite you to write about it & share with us!

      All the best,

      Kay 🙂

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  5. Great idea for a post and tag. I’m in the process of getting my tefl certification and would like to go to S. Korea so hopefully I’ll get to share in some of your experiences soon. What was your time over there like?

    • Feel free to create your own post & share it with all of us. It’s a great exercise 😉 The TEFL certification is quite a challenge but well worth it! I just got mine last month and made me so happy and proud. It totally helps and prepares you to teach. Well I actually taught 2 years first then got certified 😉

      South Korea is such a great place to live and work. Yes it may not be easy at first but you get used to it and get attached to the kids. They are the reason why you go to work everyday 😉

      I had a fabulous time this past year and I am glad I got to experience it. I could talk and talk but email me: or add me on Skype: Travellersoul76 if you want to read more about my adventures, there are a few on my blog. But I’d like to help you if I can.

      Take care,

      Kay 😉

      • Thanks for your response and kind words. I should be done with my tefl course at the end of this month and then I’m going to start the application process. I’m sure I’ll have tons of questions about that whole process so be expecting an email soon lol. Are you still teaching there?

      • You’re welcome!

        So did you almost finish your TEFL course?

        I am not teaching there, been back in North American soil since last March but I miss it and plan to visit next year 😉

        You will have plenty of questions as to what is it like to live there, what kind of cultural difference there are, food, transportation, language etc.

        Maybe you could write a list and I could help you with it (to the best of my knowledge 😉

        Fall is the best season as it is so beautiful but overall it is a great experience.

        Enjoy your free time now before you immerse yourself in the new culture and new position 😉


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