Travel Documentary: Travel Where You Live

As you know I LOVE inspiring travel movies, short films or documentaries and I am always looking for new ones to watch on YoutubeVimeo or Documentarytube. Last time I shared with you one that was filmed in Iceland that left me speechless.

I just stumbled upon one that immediately grabbed my attention just by reading its title. Little did I know it would leave me seriously pondering at the very end! Travel Where You Live was filmed by Sebastian Linda  a talented cinematographer hailing from the Saxony region in Germany.

As you will see, the scenery of his native land is just stunning. The quality of the film is incredible and you really feel as if you’re right there with him rediscovering it again but with a new perspective!

The questions he asks the viewers are valid and so true!


What if we live in the same way we travel?

What if we go on a journey in front of our front porch?

What if we would live every day, as if we´d been on a journey?


It sure gives you some food for thoughts and we may appreciate our own backyards even more after seeing this. (It has also inspired me to start filming more than just taking still photographs 🙂

So without further ado, here is Travel Where You Live

 Hope you enjoyed it!

What do you think about it?

Should we explore even more what’s around us before jetting off to a tropical island?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

I can’t wait to read from you.

Until next time!

Safe and happy Travels.

K 🙂