Travel Documentary: Made in Iceland

We all love travel movies and they have the power to move us, to take us to some incredible places around the world!

Some will motivate us to get out and explore our planet and some might even change our lives…forever.

I am also fan of great and fascinating travel documentaries or short films. Just recently, while researching for my previous post Movies that feed my wanderlust, I came across a short documentary by Klara Harden called Made in Iceland.  Just the name immediately grabs your attention and it makes you want to learn more.

A few years ago, Klara, a young traveler, went hiking through the highlands in Iceland for 25 days. This trip took her through spectacular locations across the island and she captured it on filmed her journey with a Canon 550D camera. The end result really leaves you speechless and make you feel as if you’re right there, going along for the ride!

What I really love about this adventure is how incredibly beautiful the country is. No artificial ingredients, just Mother Nature in all her glory!

I truly admire how courageous Klara was for going on such an incredible journey all by herself. I am sure she had awesome days but also some a little more difficult than others. It makes me want to give her a high 5 and tell her: ” You go girl! If you did it, so can I” 🙂

I’ve not yet been to Iceland but after watching this I am totally putting it in the top 5 of my never-ending Bucket List 🙂

So without further do, here it is. Enjoy!


Let me know what you thought of it in the comment section!

Until next time,

All the best

Karlinha 🙂


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