Shopping and eating in Hongdae

Hongdae is a great, fun & dynamic neighborhood in Seoul.

It is very close to one of the city’s most important universities: Hongik. The nearest subway stations are Hongik University, Sangsu and Hapjeong (where I started my tour).

I went for a walk there last Sunday, met my great Korean friend and we went to the Flea Market. Every week-end, art students, artists, artisans and various sellers come together in this little square and showcase their best artwork or products.

Colorful paintings

a selection of shoes

Beautiful business card holders

A super nice calligrapher offering to write your name for free

An anonymous artist offering a free portrait

Pretty cool eh?

A funny cartoonist

Finding great books (classics for me!)

Gulliver’s Travels translated into Korean 😉

There are so many funky & original boutiques in the area. Just check the following that caught my attention!

And last but not least, some restaurants as well as coffee & waffle shops 😉

This one left me totally intrigued, I must go back & investigate ha ha

Inviting isn’t it?

That was my little exploration of this corner of Seoul. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Have a great day (wherever you may be!)

Til next time,

Lots of l♥ve always,



2 thoughts on “Shopping and eating in Hongdae

  1. Masajes y Café! Tremenda combinación! Qué creativos! Y Tom…. qué onda con él? Asaber que habrá pasado con Jerry!
    Se ve que la pasanste muy divertido! Lindas fotos!

    • Ha ha si amiga, me quede con las ganas 😉 I will go back & check it out cause Im definitely interested in getting a nice massage while drinking a cup of joe and perhaps get a mani-pedi to go with it! The royal treatment indeed. Where is Jerry? ha ha He ate him lol!

      Thanks for taking a few mins of your time, how are you? Can’t wait to read more & see more pics of E.S. You know I just realized that I was there in March ’09 and will be there in March ’11? Coincidence eh? 😉 I stay 2 years in every place….hum…yep I’m a gypsy…I haven’t told you about my next move have I? To another country, another language altogether & new experience? Ha ha te vas a ir de espaldas ha ha STAY TUNED! Karlita’s on a roll yeahh 😉

      Saludos a la familia *hugs*

      La viajera por excelencia, K 😉

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