The search for great Mexican food continues

Hey everyone!

How are you all? Happy month of October! Wow, I can’t believe time is flying. It makes me really happy because that means I have about 4 months left here in South Korea woot woot. I am both happy and excited but yet I sort of feel a little 😦 because I will be leaving my little ones (my kids, students) and we have been having an incredible time together. They have been my teachers too trust me. There are some amazing days and some days I just ask myself WTH. But then again I always remind myself that the kids are the reason why I wake up & why they deserve the best from me as their teacher.

Anyway, enough bla bla. I have to tell you about the latest discoveries and how my search for great Mexican food is going!

Where did I left off last time? Ah yeah the 3 Mexican restaurants I’ve been to here in Seoul.

Well a few weeks ago I was in Hongdae, a cool university area and I was going towards the subway (Sangsu) then I stumbled upon a little mexican place called Bella Tortilla on Dongmak-ro. It is such a tiny place right next to a cool coffee shop.

Great music, typical Mexican and Latin American, was playing as I entered the restaurant. It felt great listening to some oldies.

Now I had a look at their menu.

The only item I could eat is #3, the mixed mushrooms in a tortilla. It’s a wrap.  I ordered a side of nachos to go with it.

Now while the cook (Korean) prepared my meal, I looked around.

Cool bucket of Coronas right on the counter. It makes you salivate right?

I waited around 10 minutes. Want to see the final result? Check it out!

Yum! Que rico. Now we’re talking. It was really delicious no kidding. Finally a winner 😉      I definitely have to go back! Yay

Bella Tortilla is located very close to Sangsu Subway Station, Line No 6, Exit 4.

Now the 2nd restaurant I read about *and saw their ad on Facebook* is Taco Amigo in Itaewon.

From what I read, they actually cater for the Mexican embassy here. So I decided to give it a try.

I arrived at their location, just a few minutes down from the station, not too far off from Gecko’s, a very popular  bar and hang out spot for foreigners.

Cool entrance & great music too! I took a look at their menu which is displayed outside.

Quite inviting isn’t it? I was so hungry so I decided to go in immediately.

A nice welcome sign. Indeed, it felt as if I had gone into someone’s home. It felt good!

The interior is lovely, reminded me of a mom & pop’s restaurant.

Now I had to get some food! I ordered veggie fajitas and a lime margarita.

First came the drink. Ay mama! There was definitely some tequila in that one cause it was strong pero que bueno! 😉

Next, the main meal. It honestly took less than 10 or 15 minutes, I just remembered it was pretty fast!

Aren’t you salivating right now? Isn’t this appetizing or what?

Wow, that was a big plate so full of goodness! Warm tortillas, sautéed onions, peppers and mushrooms, a portion of rice and refried beans along with nachos *The works!*

It surprisingly good. Oh yeah the margarita was the perfect companion!

It worked so well that I went on a wild shopping spree after that 🙂

I even left a little note on their wall

So I made another great discovery and we got another winner as well! Ah I am so relieved now, every time I need comfort food I know where to go!

Ok, so there you have it! I hope you enjoyed reading it & maybe got hungry? 😉

I still have to tell you about my adventure last week. I got lost while trying to find the Latin American Cultural Museum. The Korea’s national tourism hotline and the police (believe it or not) are involved in this story. Hilarious. It deserves a post of its own. Pretty soon!

Have a great day wherever you are!

Lots of lovin’

Yours truly,

miss K xo


4 thoughts on “The search for great Mexican food continues

    • You are very welcome!

      I am Latin American so I am always on the hunt for great food & Mexican happens to be one of my favorite! 😉

      I also enjoy venturing out into Seoul and find its best spots 😉

      This way I can share it to the readers or whoever is in need of advice or wants great tips!

      Cool blog btw, it helps learn the language the easy way!


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