Touring Boston Part 1

Boston, Massachusetts, USA, New England, photography, travel, TS76

A visit to Boston, also known as Beantown, was way overdue! It had been 10 years since I last stopped over and my heart was so happy to be back.

It is such a lovely and vibrant city!

Although it rained all the 3 days I was there,  I was lucky to get a break in between.

That is when I got the chance to capture these images at Public Garden 🙂

Boston Public Garden, John Hancock Tower, Arlington Street Church, Boston, Massachusetts, USA,

John Hancock Tower & Arlington Street Church in the background

Boston Public Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Swan Boat Dock

Swan Boat dock

Boston Public Garden, tulips, red tulips, gardening, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Beautifully manicured garden and red tulips

Boston Public Garden, George Washington, George Washington Statue, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Statue of George Washington

Boston Public Garden, view, city skyline, garden, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

View of the city

This is only part 1. There is so much more to come!

Til next time.


K 😉


2 thoughts on “Touring Boston Part 1

  1. Glad you got a break from the rain. Lot’s of green in the park, with parts of the city as a backdrop, beautiful. Look forward to your upcoming Boston photos.

    • Thank you amigo! Yes I was lucky to have had a break. In spite of that, I enjoyed walking all over and rediscovering the city!

      I have more pics to post, but will do it later. Now I’ve some courses online.



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