Travel theme: Secret Places

Thank you so much Ailsa @ailsapm for inviting me to participate in this week’s travel theme: secret places.

Over a year ago I found myself living and working again in the Gyeonggi-Do province in South Korea.

The country has some of the most beautiful buddhist temples I have ever seen. It is the perfect place to gather your thoughts, release stress and find peace in the middle of chaos. Yes teaching can drain you but it is worthwhile!

I decided to visit as many temples as possible outside of Seoul. I searched and found one nestled in the middle of a mountain. Was it calling me? You bet.

Now getting there was an adventure. There wasn’t a sidewalk so, I had to follow the path on the side of the road! Koreans are known to be special drivers 😉 Fortunately I made it to the main road safe and sound. The hardest part was going uphill to this secret place. Needless to say, my legs felt like noodles when I arrived!

I had finally reached my destination and before me was the buddhist temple on Mount Shimhaksan. What a beauty right?

Buddhist Temple

What truly surprised me was the giant Buddha that you see here. It is huge! I had to see it up close. More stairs to climb! Felt like I was on the stairmaster 😉

Giant Seated Buddha

I found these cute buddhas along the way, it’s almost as if they were put there for encouragement. Couldn’t help but smile! (Are you smiling now by the way?)

Laughing Buddhas

More cheering from these musicians (You can do it!)


Interesting little figurines. If they could talk they would say: “You think you’re done? You haven’t seen anything yet” Yahhh 😉

Some of them were relaxing.

Finally, I reached the top of the stairs and stood before the biggest Buddha I have seen in Korea. Got up close and personal.

Giant Seated Buddha

This was definitely one of the greatest discoveries I made and had a great time meditating. My batteries were fully recharged and was ready to move forward.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Let me know what you think and share your travel secret places with us.

Til next time!




7 thoughts on “Travel theme: Secret Places

  1. WOW! That 2nd pic is just amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I have a lot of secret places that I keep to myself. Maybe I’m selfish? Haha! Btw in a couple of days I’m staying in a new boutique hotel in BA called “Jardin Escondido”. 🙂

    • Thank you bella! Please do share with the group, even if it’s 1 picture. I had forgotten about this temple and ended up writing an entire post. The pics made me lol so hard, too cute. Yay te vas de vacaciones prontito! Benditos sean tus viajes (line from The Motorcycle Diaries) 😉

      Ha ha you will have plenty of beautiful adventures and we’ll be waiting to read them 😉 xo K

  2. Kay, this was an absolutely delightful story and those little buddhas had me laughing out loud, as did your reference to special drivers 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your secret place. 🙂

    • Thank you for motivating me to write it!

      I am happy you enjoyed reading it and laughed about it because that was my purpose 🙂

      I was really meant to go on that adventure and everything was just there for me to notice and have fun!

      Oh yes South Koreans have a peculiar way of driving, it is legendary ha ha

      It was my pleasure to show it to you and everyone and I look forward to the next theme.

      Kay 😉

    • Thank you so much. Yes the place itself was incredible, a great find and well worth the trip 😉

      The little Buddhas were hilarious, I just gave them a voice ha ha They were too cute that I had to capture them. I am happy you liked them.

      K 🙂

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