New York City Part 1

The capital of the world, the big apple, which ever name you choose, it never ceases to amaze! Millions of visitors from the four corners of the globe invade the city and no wonder why. It is simply sensational!

You can definitely feel that special energy in spite of being in the middle of chaos. Everything is fast paced but that’s just so New York! You can’t help but just go along with it.

For the first time ever, I was on my own. What a difference!  Now don’t get me wrong, I love traveling with my family or a companion. However, traveling solo this time was great. I needed that time alone to think about many things and recharge my batteries! I also had the chance to visit the numerous places I had left out on previous trips. There were no maps in my purse, so I just relied on my inner GPS to guide me and it did take me to places 😉

All I can say is that I took really had a great time during those 3 days. I also met some incredible people and made new friends!

It was wonderful seeing the city from a different angle and made some interesting discoveries!

Let me show you New York Part 1 through images.


Empire State Building


Flatiron Building

Beautiful entrance (would love to live there!)

Washington Square Arch

George Washington

Washington Square Arch

Millenium Hilton & Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower

911 Memorial Site

American Stock Exchange Building

View of Statue of Liberty from Battery Park

National Museum of the American Indian, Lower Manhattan

Hope you liked them.

Til next time,

Love always,

Kay 🙂


3 thoughts on “New York City Part 1

  1. Have not had a chance to explore NYC yet. Seeing your pics makes me want to get there sooner. Love the clouds in the pics too. 🙂

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