Frifotos: Columns

Columns are built in different sizes and found in many places.

Not only they sustain the weight of a structure, they are also decorated with exquisite details.

I have seen some beautiful columns around the world and right here at home. Since it’s this week’s Frifotos theme, I thought of sharing them with you 🙂


quincy market, boston, massachusetts, new england, building, columns

Quincy Market


Plaça d'Espanya, Barcelona, Catalunya, Columns, square

Plaça d’Espanya


Monument, Rome, Roma, Vittorio Emanuele II, architecture, structure, columns, king of italy

Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II


hall, convocation hall, university of Toronto, Toronto, Queen city, columns

Convocation Hall at the University of Toronto

columns, statue, the beaches, toronto, frifotos, sun, memorial

Memorial at the Beaches


cathedral, marie-reine-du-monde, montreal, quebec, canada, cathedrals, structure, columns, religious site

Marie-Reine-du-Monde Cathedral, Montreal

Which one did you like best?

Do you have photos of columns? If so please share your link! I love seeing architecture pics 😉

Til next time!

Tashi Delek, All the best!

L♥ve always,



9 thoughts on “Frifotos: Columns

    • Yes the pic in Montreal surprised me too Sonja! It’s right here at home 😉

      It is the replica of the columns at St Peter’s Basilica in Rome!

      I just sat there in wonder…it truly is gorgeous!

      Thank you for your link. How beautiful that experience with the native people!

      ♥ Totems too. The man who carves them must have plenty of stories to tell!

      Thank you for sharing xo K

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