Frifotos: Dishes

Food is one of our absolute favorite subjects and there is nothing more enjoyable in life than eating 😉

Since this week’s Frifotos topic is about dishes, I thought of sharing the meals my family and I recently ordered.

I could not resist taking pictures. Each and every one of them simply looked delicious and mouth-watering!

BBQ ribs, meals, ribs, french fries, restaurant, applebees

BBQ ribs

linguine, shrimps, applebees, restaurant, food, italian food

Linguine with shrimps

Chicken skillet with roasted potatoes, applebees, restaurant. chicken, shrimps

Chicken skillet with roasted potatoes

Of course, drinks were the perfect complement.

Iced Tea, drinks

Raspberry Iced Tea

Margarita, drinks

Lime Margarita

Mojito, drinks

Refreshing Mojito

and last, but not least….DESSERT!

brownie, ice cream, dessert

Hot fudge brownie & vanilla ice cream

Did any of these made you hungry or thirsty? 

Til next time!

Love always

Kay 🙂

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