Photos of the week: Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf Islands

Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf Islands is a lovely area in Southwest Florida.

Let me tell you in all honesty that I was truly impressed and I find myself daydreaming and planning a return (a week at least!) So for a world traveler that is a great sign right? 🙂

Even though I did a bit of research online, nothing prepared me for what I saw and experienced. It is simply gorgeous!

Gasparilla Island, Boca Grande, Southwest Florida, Florida, Visit Florida, USA, Discover USA, Charlotte Harbor

View of the Gulf of Mexico from Gasparilla Island

What I really loved was the fact that there are no crowds, no high-rise buildings and its inhabitants live peacefully and harmoniously with the environment.

Boca Grande, Florida, Visit Florida, Southwest Florida, low rise buildings

Peaceful neighborhood

What a nice change from the over hyped destinations on the East Coast of Florida (sorry Miami).

It is the perfect ecotourism destination for nature lovers. You can recharge your batteries and release all stress by being an active participant. There is so much to see and do like: sailing, kayaking and biking among many.

The following images were taken on my way to The Boca Grande Resort from a moving vehicle, nice results right?

Gasparilla Island, Boca Grande, Charlotte Harbor, Florida, Visit Florida, Discover USA, Visit Florida

Waterfront property

Arrival at my HQ.

Boca Grande Resort, Boca Grande, Florida, Visit Florida, Charlotte Harbor, Discover USA

Boca Grande Resort

And this was waiting to quench my thirst…who can say no? 🙂

Strawberry Daiquiry, drinks, frozen drinks, Boca Grande Resort, Gasparilla Island, Florida, Visit Florida, Discover USA, Florida

Strawberry Daiquiri

Many more adventures will follow, so stay tuned 😉

Have you been to Southwest Florida? Would you like to visit? 

Let me know!


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18 thoughts on “Photos of the week: Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf Islands

    • Thank you Sonja, I was in the van on my way to the resort & was pleasantly surprised that the HDR pics came out nice!

      Plenty of adventures & funny stories are coming. Hope you’ll enjoy them.

      Thank you for visiting!

  1. Beautiful pictures! Definitely agree with you on the peaceful aspect of Southwest Florida. Beautiful coastline, waters and palm trees and every turn. Haven’t been to Gasparilla Island, hope to check it out sometime.

    • Ah you definitely have to visit Aaron. I want to go back & discover more.

      Although I was there a few days, it left quite an impression.

      Wait til you read about my kayaking, biking adventures & a place you love, Fishermen’s Village 😉

      Will be posting all month long!

      Thank you so much for stopping by & hope you visit Gasparilla Island 😉

    • Thank you so much Theresa!

      Was it a fun trip or what? So many activities in a couple of days but it was awesome!

      Very nice video! Well done. Thank you for sharing 😉


  2. Very pretty photos. I never considered Florida a vacation destination (except for Disney World) but after looking at your photos, I must reconsider. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you sweets!

      Yes I didn’t see other parts of Florida other than Miami & the Keys BUT I’m so happy to have discovered this beautiful part of the state!

      Hope you can visit 😉

      Thank you for stopping by!

    • Oh that sounds good! You will love it for sure! If you have any questions, ask away or I will happily refer you to the Tourism Bureau.

      I will go back later & stay longer. Need to go back to the white sand beaches 😉

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