Destinations of the month: Germany, Austria and Hungary with Viking River Cruises

Guten Tag!

Cheers from Germany everyone. I am very happy to finally share the destination I am currently in 🙂

I finally am getting to experience what a river cruise is all about and what better way than traveling with one of the best and most prestigious cruising companies

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starting from the small yet charming german city of Nuremberg in Bavaria!

Nurnberg, Nuremberg, Deutschland, Germany, travel

Danube Canal Photo credit: Keichwa

The tour is called the Romantic Danube which lasts 8 days and includes guided tours to the following cities situated along the way:



Regensburg, Germany, Deutschland

City view Photo credit: Magnus Make


Passau, Passau altstadt, Deutschland, Germany

Altstadt/ Old Town  Photo credit: Aconcagua

Then crossing over to Austria and with stops at:


Benedictine Abbey, Melk, Germany, Deutschland

Melk Abbey Photo credit: Arcomonte26


Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria

Schönbrunn Palace        Photo credit: LMih

Finally the last country we will visit is Hungary and our cruise ends in


Parliament Building, Budapest, Hungary

Parliament Building, Budapest  Photo credit: Hunszabi

How awesome does that sound?

In the next post I will show you Nuremberg through photos and I am sure you will like learning more about this Bavarian city which totally surprised me and wait until you see the photos!

Until then I invite you to follow my amazing hosts Viking River Cruises





You can also follow my adventures by looking for #VikingCruises, our long ship #VikingAtla and our own #helloVikingRiver hashtags on my Social Media accounts.

Until then,

Bis später!


K 🙂


11 thoughts on “Destinations of the month: Germany, Austria and Hungary with Viking River Cruises

    • It sure was exciting and who says there are no kids on Viking Cruises?

      There were 2 or 3 families with young children (approx 5-10 years old), others with teenagers and a few with 3 generations celebrating quality time on the Long Ship!

      You get to travel in comfort, eat, drink, sleep and get cultural immersion along the Danube. That is a winning combination, too bad it was too short 😉

  1. I lived in Regensburg for a long year, what an amazing city!! I also visited Nuremberg and Passau. All cities are spectacular. Great photos!

    • You did? Lucky you!

      Regensburg was a lovely surprise. Loved getting lost in the cobble-stoned streets, drinking local beer and just enjoy being transported back in time.

      Nice day trip!

      Stay tuned for lots of photos 🙂

  2. Wow!! I Never even Thought of a River cruse! This looks like an Amazing way to Discover some of the Most beautiful Cities in Europe!! Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

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