Best of the Web: May 2017 Edition

Welcome to another Best of the Web: May 2017 Edition!

Looking to read great, informative, educational blog posts? Here are some Best of the Web May 2017 Edition

We’re already in May and we’re more than half-way through the month. Is it me or time is simply flying?

Actually we’re really glad that the grey, cold, and (yawn) rainy days are behind us and that the sun is finally shining and temps are climbing!

Now there’s so much we see and read online that it is difficult to keep up with the information overload or bombardment of the senses as I call it.

However there are a handful of excellent blog posts that stand out from the crowd and pique your interest as soon as you read the title or headline.

You may or may not know this but I am an avid reader, not only of books but also of blogs. Now I may not always stay online too long (yes, I know that attention span is real) but some texts are magnetizing and it’s hard to ignore, they’re that good!

As a matter of fact, let me share with you some great posts I found and would like to share them with you. Feel free to visit the sites and leave a comment to the author!

15 gorgeous places you need to visit before they fill up with tourists

Looking for new destinations to visit and that are not overcrowded? Then take a look at these 15 gorgeous places around the world!

More and more new places to add to the never-ending Bucket List? Yes please!

This great article presents 15 magical destinations around the world that have been under the radar and away from the crowds or hoards of international visitors.

I must admit that I had never heard of some places such as José Ignacio in Uruguay, Phu Quoc in Vietnam or Kep in Cambodia.

However I sure do recommend other cities like Busan, South Korea which is a fab, fun and dynamic city only a few hours by plane from the South Korean Capital, Seoul.

This list will make you go to Google to see where they are located or perhaps book a ticket & reach it.


What I learned from a 30-Day Social Media Detox

Overwhelmed by Social Media? Then do a 30 Day Social Media Detox. Yes, it is possible!

Are you addicted to Social Networks?

Have you ever done a Social Media Detox in order to pause, breathe and recharge your batteries or simply get away from all the drama (book)?

The author, Jason, goes into details about his experience for an entire month and shares not only his thoughts but feelings or symptoms of withdrawal as days go by.

I can sure understand his struggles and know some of his feelings as they are very real and very peculiar. It’s like going to rehab but to reeducate ourselves and remember what truly is important, that is to live life and not depend so much on technology.

As I was explaining in my last update I haven’t been very active on this blog and the new one Karla Travels since the beginning of the year because work had kept me quite busy.

However I will say that I took the time to appreciate the sunrise, sunset, my family, special moments that I haven’t shared publicly and have made it a rule not to touch the computer or laptop or tablet on Saturdays. Trust me, I missed that and I’ve become accustomed to it that I am not about to change it.

I do however check in every day to read emails, news, reply to comments or mentions and feed the beast as they say.

Being a writer and blogger is not as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of time, energy and dedication.

Want proof? This post and the second one for the other blog have taken me over 5 hours to edit photos, online research, editing, proofreading, publishing and promoting! It is a full-time occupation.

I set aside some time and focused on what needed to be done and there you go!

Although we can’t escape the internet and social media, it is great to create a balance and fully enjoy what we do right?


Top 30 US and Canada Travel Blogs for Serious Wanderlust in 2017

Looking for some travel inspiration? Then check out the Top 30 US and Canada Travel Blogs! Travel on!

Looking for some inspiration? Do you want to travel around the world without leaving your chair?

Well, here is an awesome list of the Top 30 Us and Canada Travel Blogs that Asher Fergusson put together. Not only are some of the world’s most popular, educating, entertaining and fun travel professionals included, there’s also yours truly that made the list too! Can I get an amen? A halleluyah? 🙂

I am truly honored to have been chosen to be in such selective and great company. They are my inspiration as well and can’t wait to one day become a reference for those who love to explore locally and globally!


The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Pitch List

100 Publications that want your travel stories

Love travel? Love to write? Want to sell your travel writing? Then sign up to receive The Ultimate Travel Writer's Pitch List!

Did I already mention that I am a book lover and reviewer? Well, every now and then I receive true gems in my inbox and I found one that is a goldmine, no kidding.

Instafreebie is a great site where authors make their books available may it be a sneak peek, advanced reader copy or as part of a giveaway in several formats.

One of them that caught my eye and thought was priceless is the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Pitch List. If you ever dreamed or thought about sending your work to major publishers or travel publications which buy content, then this is an exhaustive list.

You definitely need to sign up to receive a copy straight in your email! Do it and tell me what you think 🙂


And last but not least,


10 female travelers who don’t let their curves get in the way of adventure

Think curvy women don't travel? Think again. Read the stories of these awesome 10 female travelers.

Have you noticed that some of the wildly popular accounts on Social Media, namely on Instagram are fair-skinned, slim, blond and carefree females in exotic locations?

There is a fascination with these types of individuals, namely in Asia where they are seen as being close to perfect or ideal.

Well, newsflash people. The world is filled with humans of all shapes, sizes, colors and more.

In her honest essay, the author describes her experience as a plus-size traveler and gets the stares, comments and what else in the many countries she visits.

She also includes a list of 10 (she includes herself of course) sassy, fierce, bold, fearless Females that travel around the world in spite of not being the standard size 0.

Let me be completely honest with you. I personally reached out to Hannah via Facebook and Twitter to let her know that I applaud her bravery, courage and boldness in writing on behalf of us ladies, traveler souls who don’t let our curves stop us from going to where our heart calls.

Being a curvy Latina myself, I never let it stop me from traveling to 30+countries in 4 continents. Never once did someone stop talking to me or made me feel unwelcome because of:

A)     The color of my skin

B)      My size (proud size 14 thank you)

C)      Being a female

D)     Being a sassy and adventurous Canadian.

On the contrary, I have been fortunate to be the beneficiary of Random Acts of Kindness in South Korea, Japan and Germany.

Some people will always criticize no matter what you say, what you do or where you go. Our responsibility as global travelers is to inform ourselves about the local customs, traditions, learn some of the local verbiage and always be kind and polite as we are ambassadors of our countries of origin.

Comments, critics or else should not be taken personally, as my friend always told me:”water off your back”, let it slide and keep going forward to matter what!

So there you have the Best of the Web: May 2017 Edition.

Looking for great blog posts to read? Check out Best of the Web May 2017 Edition

Is there a post that you liked best?

Do you have recommendations for me or great reads that I should check out?

Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time! Hasta la próxima!

Tashi delek, all the best, todo lo mejor

K 🙂