*FriFotos – Waterfalls*

In honor of FriFotos, I have decided to show you two of the most amazing waterfalls I have ever seen!

The first is one of the wonders of the world: Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada.

Since I lived in Toronto for 2 years, I went there quite frequently with family and friends.

Words are not enough to describe this wonderful creation.  It is quite impressive!

I was able to capture this close-up image of the falls with a zoom. It is certainly one of my best shots.  I call it ”Into the abyss”.

Niagara Falls up close          ©K.A.P

While in Costa Rica, I visited La Paz Waterfall Gardens & The Peace Lodge in Alajuela. We hiked down 1 hour along a trail and were rewarded with this great view!

La Paz Waterfall

On our way back to San José, our driver stopped on the side of the road and we were all admiring the highest of the 5 waterfalls. Isn’t this just beautiful?

La Paz Waterfall, Costa Rica

Hope you enjoyed it!

Please share your pics, I’d l♥ve to see them .

Til next time,

Kay 🙂


5 thoughts on “*FriFotos – Waterfalls*

  1. Great pictures, especially the close up of Niagara Falls wow. It looks like you can stick your hand out and touch the water. 🙂

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