Travel Theme: Food

I was so happy to learn that this week’s travel theme is about our culinary findings and tasting when we travel!

Just a few days ago, we discussed and exchanged stories about the subject during #Travex, a weekly travel chat on Twitter hosted by @TravelSquire.

Luckily, I’m an adventurous soul. So I have discovered and savored many types of food thanks to my travels around the globe and right here at home. From wood-oven baked crispy pizzas to hot stone pot rice mix with veggies to heart-warming noodle soups and accompanied of course by a nice drink and dessert to end things on a sweet note!

Instead of telling you about it, how about if I show them to you?

*Warning: The following images will make you hungry and thirsty 🙂


Cheese Pizza

Korean Dolsot Bibimbap

Indian Veggie Plate

Cotbop / Rice with edible flowers

Meal in Sarchi Costa Rica

Veggie platter in Antigua Guatemala

Vietnamese Pho soup




Italian wines

Beer display


Apple pie with ice cream

Cupcake heaven

Delicious Tiramisu

Tartines / Tarts

For more delicious food, visit Where’s my backpack. Thank you Ailsa 😉

What are the best meals you’ve ever had? Drinks? Dessert?  Share them with us!


34 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Food

  1. Delicious post – I am nuts about Bibimbap – I love how it tastes and I love ordering it because it’s so much fun to say! That photo of the beer is seriously cool!

    • Thank you Gina! Yes the flower, cotbop, was delicious. Special indeed. We went to a garden and some flowers are edible. It looks great doesn’t it?

      Pizza Margherita is a classic and the best one is to be eaten in Napoli, where it originated from 😉

  2. I’m hungry and thirsty now haha. 🙂 Great foodie pics. Love the dessert ones, cupcakes and apple pie with ice cream yum.

    • There’s nothing better in life than traveling and having delicious meals!

      I agree that veggie platter in Antigua was excellent. The best part? Being on the terrace overlooking Parque Central 😉

      Thank you so much for visiting and if you have pics of your fav food post them so that I can see it & drool ha ha

  3. I’m hungry and thirst now after seeing this haha. The meal in Sarchi Costa Rica looks good as does an Appletini and some apple pie. 🙂

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    • Madre mia! That sounds delish? Did you take a photo of that? 😉

      Happy to hear you made it to Guatemala. If you can go to Antigua. It’s so beautiful! Even my parents ♥ it. They followed their adventurous kid 😉

      I look fwd to seeing your fab photos xo 😉

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