Photos of the week: Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki truly is a beautiful city that really surprised me & captured my heart.

As a photographer, I am always looking for the perfect photo opportunity and trust me there are so many anywhere you turn 😉

Let me share with you a few images of the Finnish capital in all its glory. Believe it or not they were taken with my Samsung phone (and posted as well as on Instagram).

Enjoy and rest assured that there is more, so much more to come!

 Helsinki Cathedral, Senate Square, Helsinki, Finland, photography, architecture, travel

Helsinki Cathedral seen from Senate Square

Finnish National Theatre, Helsinki, Finland, travel, photography, architecture

Finnish National Theatre

Atheneum museum, Helsinki, Finland, architecture, museum,  photography, travel, street car

Atheneum Museum

Crusellin Silta, Bridge, Ruoholahti Canal, Helsinki, Finland, travel, photography

Crusellin Silta Bridge at a distance over Ruoholahti Canal

Volvo, architecture, colors, Helsinki, Finland, travel, tourism, photography, Volvo, car

Stunning color, architecture and old Volvo

Ruoholahti canal, Helsinki, Finland, bridge, flowers, canal, view

View of Ruoholahti Canal

Which image in particular caught your attention and would like to know more about?

Let me know!

Many thanks to Finnair and Quality Hunters for allowing me to discover this amazing destination and having a fabulous time in Helsinki. I sure cannot wait to return 😉


14 thoughts on “Photos of the week: Helsinki, Finland

    • traveller soul says:

      Many thanks.

      Yes it still amazes me how great images come out from smartphone!

      Helsinki is such a photogenic city that opps abound 😉

      Lots more pics to come.

      Thank you for visiting!

  1. teaforteri says:

    I really like the old Volvo photo. The color of the building is very vibrant. With every post I have read about Helsinki; not many seem to have gone to a Finland sauna! Lol

  2. singfoodie says:

    You are so right about smartphones taking good pics. I have become a bit lazy and keep deciding to leave my SLR at home for space reasons, but the shots on my iphone5 have often been pretty good. Helsinki is also particularly beautiful when the sun shines 🙂

    • traveller soul says:

      Thank you so much Victoria.

      Yes, smartphones are quite something aren’t they?

      Oh I must bring my DSLR with me whenever I travel as I am quite an obsessed photographer BUT sometimes I do trust my phone.

      In this case, I left the camera at the hotel and just relied on my Samsung phone to upload the pics easily & quickly to Instagram! Worked out pretty well 😉

      I heard nothing but great things about the iphone5 and have seen the quality of the images!

      Helsinki is so beautiful! I was smitten from day 1. That does not happen with every city I visit but it sure won me over!

      Midnight sun in Finland is quite an experience, happy you know what I’m talking about 😉

      Thank you for visiting!

      Tashi Delek, all the best

      Karla 😉

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