Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Who doesn’t like them?

They’re found just about everywhere and are so beautiful!

Here are some alluring curves I captured in hometown, Montreal and also in New York City.


Subway Entrance, Square Victoria, Montreal, Parisian Subway Entrance in Montreal

Parisian Chic

This beautiful subway entrance, designed by French architect Hector Guimard, was a present the city of Paris offered to Montreal.

The current station is Square Victoria (Orange Line). Doesn’t it look great?

sculpture, old montreal, 3 women, 3 sisters, 3 singers, 3 amigas, vieux-montreal, montreal, quebec

Lots of curves

I love this sculpture found in Old Montreal. They are called “Les Chuchoteuses” (The Gossipers). It’s almost as if you’re right there with them and taking part in their conversation.

Pretty curvy ladies! I call them the 3 amigas ;)

baked goods, sweets, eclairs, mille-feuilles, montreal bakery, marche jean-talon bakery

Baked goodies anyone?

Montreal has so many great bakeries, but one of the best is Boulangerie Première Moisson at Jean-Talon Market.

As soon as you enter, you can smell the fresh and delicious baked goodies! They are like magnets and isn’t it just tempting? To hell with the diet 🙂

Café au lait, coffee, coffee cup

Art & happiness in a cup

Of course, a sweet treat must be accompanied by a warm cup of coffee or a café au lait.        It’s incredible how beautiful art can be created in a cup! The possibilities are endless.

Guggengheim Museum, NYC, USA, museum, New York City, architecture

Guggengheim Museum

The Guggenheim Museum in New York City is one of the most incredibly beautiful museums I’ve ever seen.

The curvy exterior is amazing and is a preview of what you will find inside!

Atlas statue, Rockefeller Center, New York City, Manhattan, statue, the world

Atlas statue

This impressive bronze statue is located in front of the GE building, right in the middle of Rockefeller Center.

It holds the world in his strong, well-sculpted and curvy arms  🙂

So there you have the curves that have caught my eye.

Do you have any photos that we can admire?

Share a picture of CURVES and explain why you chose that picture!

Leave your link in the comment section.

To see more fab entries in this week’s photo challenge, click here.

Til next time!


Karla xo

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