Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

verb (used with object)
to show or indicate beforehand

This week’s photo challenge asks us share a picture that means foreshadow.

One image came immediately to mind.

At the end of June, I had the privilege of going to Helsinki, Finland.

We departed from JFK airport in New York City after 6 p.m and we headed toward Canadian flying space.

One of the things I really love onboard is staring out the window and simply admire the view.

This time I was about to witness one of the finest shows courtesy of mother nature.

We were flying over Labrador (so it said on the screen) and this was happening outside!

Sunset over Labrador, sky, sunset, clouds, view, Labrador, Canada, nature, flying, sights, puesta del sol, coucher de soleil, tramonto, Explore Canada, photography, togs

There is nothing better in life that watching the sunset….and at 30 000 feet even better! It was incredible, fabulous, unforgettable!

I was sipping some Italian red wine and simply savored the moment.

Being a photographer, and a passionate one, I just could not lose this perfect photo opportunity.

I had my Galaxy smartphone nearby and captured it. Lovely hues right? 🙂

Things happened so fast. We saw the last red and orange streaks before the sun disappeared in the horizon.

All lights were then turned off in the main cabin, which meant we could watch a movie, read or go to sleep.

I stayed awake a little longer while I watched the stars come out and then went to la la land.

Those moments are rare, precious and every second must be enjoyed!

Do you love watching sunsets?

When was last time you saw one?

Share a picture that means FORESHADOW to you!

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