Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

I love this week’s theme!

As a photographer, I am always looking for different subjects, angles, lighting etc.

Let’s just say that I’ve developed an eye for details.

Sometimes when I am editing photos, I look closely at the image and see that the background literally stands out!

Here are a few images taken during my trips around the world.

Enjoy 🙂

old montreal, downtown montreal, view, views, background, Montreal, photography, travel, tourisme Quebec, tourism Quebec, architecture, old vs new

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Toronto Islands, architecture, buildings, view, Lake Ontario

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea, Visit Korea, architecture, views

Seoul, South Korea

Panchimalco, El Salvador, Central America, architecture, church, mountain, view

Panchimalco, El Salvador

Camerino, Marche, Italy, view, Le Marche, Italia, Italian countryside

Camerino, Marche, Italy

Interlaken, Switzerland, mountains, Jungfraujoch, view, Swiss Ambassadors, Europe, photography

Interlaken, Switzerland

Plaza Espanya, Barcelona, Spain, Catalunya, travel, Montjuic, photography

Barcelona, Spain

Which one caught your eye? 

Do you have picture that says In the Background?

share it with us by leaving the link in the comments 🙂

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