Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

Being a translator means that I spend many hours in front of the computer and sometimes I forget what time of day it is.

Every now and then, documents I work on really wear me off and I need to take a break, I have to escape!

Luckily, Lafontaine Park is close by  and I go there for a power walk.

It is the perfect place to clear my mind and recharge my batteries.

Lafontaine Park, Montreal, Park, Outdoors, Nature, Lake

Sitting on a bench and just stare at the water is just what the doctor orders!

Lafontaine Park, Montreal, Park, Outdoors, Nature, Lake

Water sounds are therapeutic

Lafontaine Park, Montreal, Park, Outdoors, Nature, Lake

Even some visitors bring a smile to our face 😉

Is there a special place you escape to?

Let me know 😉

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49 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

    • traveller soul says:

      Thank you! Happy you liked that photo with the ducks.

      Its was almost like a movie. I was sitting on a bench, having lunch and enjoying it all. Then all of the sudden these ducks appear out of nowhere. You see how big the lake is right? It was a perfect photo opp and being obsessed with photography, I captured them making ripples. Beautiful moment! 😉

  1. bluefairypipedreams says:

    Beautiful – and very tempting! It’s sooo hot here right now I’d love a place like that to dive into. Curently in Saigon and you really don’t want to swim in any of the water here lol. xx

  2. sustainabilitea says:

    Everyone needs to escape sometimes and if there’s a nearby place, it’s wonderful. I have nearby places but mine this week is our yearly get-away spot. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed seeing your spot.


  3. Anita Mac says:

    In a word…Gorgeous!!!
    Reminds me of a place I stopped while walking the Camino de Santiago. I just couldn’t take another step when the pavillion and lake opened up before my eyes! I sat there for an hour and just soaked it in!

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